Our Team

This is our team of creative misfits who were brave enough to believe in this companies mission.


Phil Horner - Furniture Maker & Ideas Guy

As well as being an ideas man, Phil has almost 20 years experience as a furniture maker. Although his woodwork training was very traditional, he has a broad interest in radical innovative design using CAD and CNC machinery. With a depth of knowledge in traditional and modern manufacturing techniques, he is able to take a practical approach to designing top quality, beautiful, efficient and high performing products. Phil also has his own bespoke furniture company in Auckland. To see his work, please visit his website here.


Pae Titimanu - Minimalist & Man About Town

Pae is the most extreme minimalist on the team and dreams day & night about the infinite possibilities of our minimalist products. He is the guru when it comes to ultimate practicality and simplicity. He brings the team back down to earth when we get carried away and start veering away from our mission. He is also the workshop legend who assembles our numerous prototypes and tests them on the shop floor ready for critique and further improvement.

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John Whittington - Mechanical Engineering & Design

With over 35 years experience in mechanical engineering, John specialises in marine mechanical systems and currently runs his own practice in Auckland. His vast experience with super yacht mechanical systems design has forced him to work within tight space constraints and to the highest standards. This unique skill set has been hugely advantageous when designing minimalist products which occupy very little space but have high performance and quality. See more about John on his website here.


Chris McCallum - Media Guy

Chris is the brains behind all things media. With many years experience in audio engineering and organically migrating towards photography and videography, he makes sure our products are looking their best online. He is also our IT generalist who can solve most techy hiccups without breaking into a sweat. Learn more about Chris here.