OUR Story

The founders of this company were brought together by a common appreciation for simplicity. We found that the less clutter we had, the less overwhelmed we became, the less overwhelmed we became, the happier and more meaningful our lives seemed. We figured we were all minimalists on some level and soon realised that the Vision that we shared was 'to help people find freedom through simplicity'. With our Vision defined, we worked out that our Mission would be to 'give the gift of space' in a way which enables others to live with jack s#*% - hence the name.

We believe that culture is everything - all the decisions we make and the people we work with are aligned with our Vision, Mission and Values. This allows us to stay aligned and focused on what we are good at, which is creating remarkable products that 'give back space that is already yours'.


To enable freedom through minimalism


To give the gift of space.



1.   Be self-aware

Take responsibility for personal growth in yourself and those around you. Learn to take comfort in discomfort.

2.     Show Gratitude

Realise and be thankful for what you already have - zero complaining!

3.    Have Patience

Good things take time - learn to enjoy the process.

4.    Embrace change

Innovate and explore what could be possible, keep an open mind.

5.    Show Respect

Be respectful to those trying to become a better version of themselves.