Will the Snap Jack chair be strong enough to hold my weight?

Not only is this product practical and beautiful – it is also structurally robust. The chair is just 2.7cm (1.06") thick and tested to comply with the following National and International standards:

• AS/NZS 4688.2.2000 - Australian/ New Zealand Standard: Furniture – fixed height chairs. Part 2: Determination of strength and durability; Test Level 5

• ISO 7173:1989 – Furniture – Chairs & stools determination of strength and durability; Test Level 5

As a starting point, we design the Snap Jack products to withstand a theoretical static load equivalent to 250kg (551lb). We are confident that the chair will give good service in a “heavy long-term use” environment (90kg's), including the occasional use by persons more than 100kg's (220lbs) in accordance with the above standards.

Will the Snap Jack table fold down and slide on carpet OK?

We have had the table mounted over carpet tiles and that seems to slide all right. The table comes with 3mm (1/8”) thick felt attached to the feet to protect wooden floors. We see no reason you couldn’t remove the felt pads and slide the smooth feet directly on the carpet. The bottom of the feet has the same three coats of lacquer as the rest of the table so we would expect the smooth hard surface would be fine for sliding directly over carpet.

Can I use Snap Jack outside?

I guess the real question is “what happens if Snap Jack is left in the rain or gets wet?” Well the short answer is, we wouldn’t recommend it! Even though the lacquer finish is tough and water resistant there are parts like the holes for hinges, where there is no protection from water. The hinges are stainless steel, and we do assemble the hinges with lubricant, so there is some protection if this happens by accident. The birch ply is manufactured with a water-resistant polymer resin and we use a water-resistant glue during manufacturing but that won’t stop discolouration, swelling and a slight loss of strength if ply comes in contacts with water.

The chairs are light and easy to carry -would be great at the beach?

We see no real problem with this if they stay out of the sea! See “Can I use Snap Jack outside?”. All the fittings, and hinges are stainless steel, and the magnets and keepers are nickel plated, the hinge spacers are plastic so no problem with these parts. The feet on the chairs are non-skid rubber, so again no problem. The magnets are neodymium high strength, they will attract iron sand if you are thinking of taking them to a West Auckland beach!

How crucial is the height off the floor for the table frame so the magnet catches catch the table properly?

The correct installation height is important so the magnetic catches catch and centre the table. We include a measuring stick with the table frame that has the pilot holes for the correct height off the floor for the brackets. This saves time and makes sure that the table will be correct height of the floor. The bottom latches are angled down so there is a bit of height tolerance. Over time the 3mm felt may crush but we have taken this into account in the installation height. The installation process is really simple. See video of installation process below:

What happens when my friend’s toddler opens the table leg when it’s on the wall then swings on it!

We’ve tried that -not with a toddler though! The position of the magnets in relation to the hinge magnifies the breakaway load of the magnets about 10 times. That’s at least 40kg swinging on the end of the leg! What happens when my friend’s toddler tries to pull a chair off the chair frame by himself! We have two extra-strong magnets holding each of the chairs from the top. These magnets are much stronger than the ones in the latches holding the table, so it is difficult to pull the chair off the wall by pulling the chair straight down. You can see from the video you need to pull the chair away at the bottom before it is levered away from the magnets at the top. From the toddler’s perspective, he would have to pull the chair at least 300mm out at the bottom before it is going to come away from the magnets holding the top of the chair. So hopefully your toddler will only get a fright, not a bruise! See video below for more on safety:

I don’t understand how the same table or chairs brackets attaches to the wall or to another frame?

OK, there are four brackets (or hooks might be a better description) that screw onto the wall. There are also matching pre-drilled holes in all the chair and table frames so the brackets can also be screwed directly to another frame rather than the wall. With the brackets in place it is easy to hook on the chair or table frame or lift them off if you want to move the chairs or table to another wall.

How many chair frames can I hang off one set of brackets attached to my wall?

The safe working load for a set of four brackets securely attached to the wall with the supplied 10-gauge screws, is 200kg. There are two screws predrilled in each bracket. This is enough to support 6 chair frames (24 chairs) and would protrude about 170mm (6-1/2”) from the wall.

The studs in my house are all over the place. Some are more than 600mm apart and walls are not vertical. Is this going to be a problem to install Snap Jack?

The installation will be OK if the wall is reasonably flat and vertical. If not, I would suggest placing packers between the wall and the brackets so the all brackets are vertical and in the same plane. There are 800mm long slots in the back of the table and chair frames so that you can position the bracket anywhere along this slot. You will be able to position the frame anywhere on a wall and still pick up studs at 600mm, or more as in your case.

I want to put my company logo on a Snap Jack table set. Can Living with Jack do that for me?

Yes, please make an enquiry and we can get you a quote for doing your custom print. We can print company logos, scenery, paintings directly onto the birch play just as we are doing now with the Flox prints. We spray the layers of lacquer on top so the print is trapped and protected underneath. We can also do custom colours to match the paint on your walls if you would prefer to keep it discreet.

I am a neat freak and I think the Snap Jack concept is neat! What about other stuff for the kitchen and bedroom to keep things off the floor so I can clean easily and keep the kid’s rooms tidy.....

Working on it! If you have anything special in mind let me know. (John -Living with Jack)